The story of LERC began of all places in a squad car.  A lot of time is spent riding around with the same old topics to talk about and the same old sites to see.  The subject of bikes is never a bad one, and being as the Vice President and I had already rode together countless times, the subject of clubs came up.  We'd both been around them, and had been asked to prospect for them.  Most of the time it gets to be a hassle.  So, we decided to start our own club.  That was around November of 2001.  We talked about it more, but that's what it seemed like, just talk.  That talk surfaced again in around April of 2002.  It seemed we had a renewed vigor, because we came up with a name.  It seemed that all the good ones were taken, so we went with an acronym instead.  Then we embarked on the design of our colors, had the patches made, recruited some members, and the rest is history. LERC was designed to be a hassle free club.  With lives being so busy and hectic, it's good to have a release.  And what better release is there, than twisting that throttle, with the wind in your hair, down some open road, with good friends and family to share it with.  That's the story, more or less.

Ride Free.


Founder - LERC