By Laws

Article I. Name

The name of this organization shall be called the “Law Enforcement Riders Club”  (herein called LERC)


Article II. Purpose

A. LERC is an independent organization not affiliated or sponsored by any motorcycle manufacturer, organization, or club.  It is not affiliated or sponsored by any Law Enforcement organization, agency or union.

B. LERC was organized to unite our brothers and sisters of Law Enforcement, and share in the sport of motorcycling.

C. The goal of LERC is to generate an increased enthusiasm for riding motorcycles.

D. LERC events are intended to promote enjoyable and safe activities for its members and participants, establish esprit de corps and camaraderie in the community, and at times promote charitable endeavors.


Article III. Membership

Membership is divided into two areas.  Sworn and Civilian.  In order to gain membership into LERC, you need to meet all of the following conditions to qualify.  Eligibility is as follows.

Sworn Member

1. You must own and ride a motorcycle of 500cc’s or higher.

2. Any make of motorcycle is allowed in LERC

3. Be a paid Full or Part time Peace Officer with powers of arrest.  (See your individual state’s statute for definitions regarding the status of Peace Officer)

4. Or, be retired or vested Peace Officer from a Full Time Law Enforcement Agency.

5. You must be properly licensed to ride and operate a motorcycle.  A grace period is in effect for new members who are permit holders in process of attaining their license.


Civilian Member

1. Be sponsored by a Sworn member in good standing.

2. You must own and ride a motorcycle of 500cc’s or higher.

3. Your membership may be revoked by your sponsor or the governing body at any time.

4. Civilian members cannot sponsor other members.

5. In the event of a civilian member’s sponsor leaving or being dismissed from the club, the civilian member may:

                A. Find a different sworn sponsor within the club

                B. Receive a unanimous vote of the governing body to retain civilian membership

If the above stipulations are not met, the Civilian Member will be dropped from the rolls and surrender their colors to the Governing Body


NOTE: A Sworn member may sponsor their passenger as an Civilian member.  Rule 2 applies only to Civilian members who are not Peace Officers.


Addendum: The governing body may appoint a person who does not meet the criteria above, to serve LERC in an administrative status.  appointed positions are in fact members and fall under the same provisions listed.


Prospecting: All new members must prospect with the club.  Any current member can recruit a potential prospect for the club.   A majority vote of the Governing Body will enable a person to prospect, however a unanimous vote is needed to become a member.  There is no minimum prospect time.  The maximum length of the prospect period is 6 months at which time the Governing Body shall vote on membership.

Color Ceremony: Newly accepted members receive their colors at 2 ceremonies yearly.  In June, at the annual picnic, or in December, at the Christmas Party.


Article IV. Governing Body

The Governing Body consists of 5 members who are appointed to that position by the co-founders.  The Governing Body will consist of a minimum of 3 sworn members.  These appointments have no time limit or term length.   Vacancies occur by voluntary resignation or disciplinary termination.  Each position holds equal voting power in the policies and procedures of LERC.

1. President

2. Vice-President

3. Treasurer

4. Recorder

5. Sgt. at Arms


Vacancy: In the event of a vacancy on the Governing Body, the position will be announced to the membership.  Upon announcement, members have 30 days to submit to the Governing Body, a request for appointment to the vacant position.  This request may be done via mail, telephone or e-mail.  At the conclusion of 30 days, the membership will vote to fill in the vacancy.


Members may bring forth issues to the Governing Body for adjudication at monthly meetings.  The Governing Body shall address these situations and if applicable, institute a membership vote to resolve issue.  Voting is done on a case by case basis.  If an issue does not warrant a general membership vote, the Governing Body shall make the deciding determination.


Article V. General Provisions

A. DUES: Due shall be $60.00 yearly, paid by January 31 of the new calendar year.  Dues cover the cost of annual bullet patches, website/domain hosting, party supplies, and other miscellaneous expenses associated with the club.  The remainder will be set aside to cover costs for meetings, runs and other promotions.

B. COLORS: All patches will be the same on the back of a denim or leather vest or jacket.  T-shirts shall be made available for purchase as an alternate form of colors for various weather conditions.  There is only one OFFICIAL patch design for LERC MC.  A $50.00 non-refundable payment is required for the usage of the colors. Any official LERC design is the artistic property thereof.  If a member is dropped from the rolls, or voluntarily resigns, it shall be understood they will surrender their colors to the Governing Body.

C. WEARING OF COLORS: All patch holders shall wear their colors on all LERC runs and functions.

D. MEETINGS: Meetings shall be once monthly on the first or second Friday at 7:30 p.m.  Members are urged to attend to stay up to date on runs and functions of LERC.  An itinerary shall be made by the governing body concerning pertinent topics.  Members may bring forth issues for adjudication.

E. CHAPTERS: Chapters may be formed upon the consent of the governing body.  See Article IV.

F. All members must own and be properly licensed to ride a motorcycle.See Article III.

G. Members cannot belong to other Motorcycle clubs.

H. The use of safety helmets at LERC events is strictly up to Local and State Law.

I. A member will retain their good standing status by participating in at least 2 LERC sponsored events and attending at least 2 club meetings per annum.

J. It is at the discretion of the member whether or not to wear their colors to a non-LERC sponsored event.

K. BEHAVIOR: All members shall act in accordance with proper etiquette and protocol at all LERC events.  A member may be dismissed from LERC for violations of this law.  It is expected that no member should in any way cast a negative light on LERC.  We govern our own.

L. OBJECTIVE: The overall objective is to ride.  The freedom of the wind and the road.  Have fun, be safe, live free, and enjoy the ride.

Welcome to LERC.


Article VI. Amendments

The by laws may be amended by any medium that the governing body sees fit as the need arises.


Article V, Section A-Amended November 18, 2003

Article V, Section D-Amended November 18, 2003

Article III, Section 5 under Civilian Members-Amended January 06, 2004

Article V, Section I-Amended January 06, 2004

Article IV, Vacancy under Governing Body-Amended January 7, 2005

Article IV, Voting and Issue Resolution-Amended April 15, 2005 

Article III, Color Ceremony-Amended January 13, 2006

Article III, Prospecting - Amended December 1, 2011

Article IV, Governing Body make up - Amended December 1, 2011

Article V, Section A, Dues usage - Amended December 1, 2011